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ZEB Nickel's Seamless DTC Eligibility

OTC Advisory Services expedited Zeb Nickel's DTC application leading to a quicker than expected approval.

Achieving DTC Eligibility

OTC Advisory Services recently demonstrated their expertise in navigating the complexities of DTC eligibility through their successful partnership with a small-cap company seeking to enhance its financial operations. The company, aiming to expand its market accessibility and improve liquidity, embarked on the DTC eligibility application process, a move critical for attracting a broader investor base. From the onset, OTC Advisory Services provided a streamlined and supportive experience. Their team, known for their responsiveness and deep understanding of financial regulations, guided the company through each step of the application. They were quick to address any queries, offering detailed explanations that demystified the intricacies of the process. The result was a notably swift approval of the DTC eligibility application, surpassing the company's expectations. This achievement not only facilitated easier trading of the company’s shares but also significantly boosted investor confidence. The gratitude expressed by the company towards OTC Advisory Services underscores the effectiveness and efficiency of their tailored financial advisory solutions, setting a precedent for others in the industry seeking similar enhancements.


OTC Advisory Services was nothing but great. We were applying for DTC eligibility and the team made the whole process easy and straightforward. They were quick to answer all our questions and provide thorough explanation of how things work. The application got approved faster than we thought it would too. Thank you OTC Advisory!

Magda Tarnowska