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Corporate Services For Ambitious Enterprises

Grove Corporate Services has extensive knowledge of, and experience with, the corporate management of private and public companies, including Canadian and international small and micro-cap businesses. Grove has a working relationship with, and understanding of, the various exchanges and regulators in Canada as well as the specific needs and concerns of small-cap companies in dealing with such entities. Grove is uniquely positioned to support management and provide assistance to both seasoned and new directors so as to enable efficient leverage of time, energy and resources.

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Your Full-Cycle Corporate Partner

Our services extend beyond the standard, covering all aspects of corporate management and board secretarial functions. We specialize in providing personalized support to both seasoned and new directors, ensuring efficient board operations and governance.

Governance & Regulatory Management

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Administrative & Shareholder Services

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Bridging Gaps, Building Success

What sets Grove Corp apart is not just the breadth of our services, but our depth of understanding and adaptability. We integrate ourselves into the fabric of your business, ensuring that every financial and corporate decision is made with a keen understanding of your specific context. Our expertise becomes your strategic advantage, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.
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Corporate Services Success Stories

Canid Capital's Business Growth Unlocked

Grove streamlined accounting for Canid Capital, freeing the founders to leverage their sales expertise and extensive networks which accelerated its business growth.

Psirenity's Health Innovation Meets Grove's Financial Expertise

Grove's regulatory and accounting services unlocked significant tax refunds for Psirenity, fueling the launch of their new supplement.

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