Office building

Big Gold's Market Breakthrough

Grove boosted Big Gold's public entry and exploration funding, offering cost-efficient support amidst market challenges.

Big Gold's Public Entry and Exploration Funding

Big Gold was founded to solve the issue of rising costs of exploration. Both properties sit close to highways, which allows for low-cost exploration. In a risk off environment, the goal for Big Gold was to secure financing for the summer drill program. Grove was able to provide the low cost back-office support to enable Big gold to stretch dollars from its private placements. Grove was able to take big gold public providing them and shareholders with the capital and liquidity needed to fund exploration. While the market is uncertain, was is certain is Grove’s commitment to our clients in good times and in bad times.


We have been using grove services for the past couple of years, we took the company public with Grove and we use them for our day to day administration as well as our office space and recored keeping, they have been a fantastic platform for us to efficiently get capital from our investors, utilise it for exploration purposes and communicate effectivity with our shareholders. They have got a fantastic team that have decades of experience we have worked them on numerous projects over the years with great success, they have been a fantastic team and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Scott Walters, CEO